Are all the items you have listed in your online shop?

No, the online shop is an edited version of what is available in our retail shop located in Downtown Vancouver. For local brides, it is recommended to plan an in store experience where we can tailor our service and items to your specific style. For out of town brides, we are always pleased to assist via email for your specific requests. 

Do you only sell bridal jewellery?

Not at all, we are obsessed with jewellery and bridal just happens to be one category we do really well. We also sell everyday, semi-precious and trend jewellery. 

how long does it take to order bridal jewellery?

Generally speaking, plan to commit to your bridal jewellery about 12-8 weeks in advance of when you would like to receive it. While we do have a selection of items that can be purchased on the spot, if you allow for the extra time we can have a brand new piece made for you. Most brides appreciate having a piece that has only been handled by them.